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Thread: how to be small and strong??

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    how to be small and strong??

    im not happy with excess fat atm although i still have good seperation and my back has very low bodyfat and looks great but i have some tummy fat, Im 240lbs at 6ft looking to cut abit but dont want to lose strength i dont want to be huge but i want to be as strong as an ox. I have sciatica atm due to imbalances in my body and starting physio next week so hopefully that goes well my bests are 530lb deadlift 420lb x 3 squat 353 lb x 2 front squat (just started these) 340lb bench and 242lb push press my numbers are falling due to injury altough im getting okish workouts, Anyway how do the oly guys do it? be small and so strong, strength comes with weight for me.

    Thanks sam
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    For me, it taked a very dialed in diet. Currently I am on a caloric deficit that should have, by the math, me losing a lb a week. Im not though... Im losing body fat and maintaining my weight, and getting stronger. You are just going to have to be patient with your diet.

    Some cardio might not be a bad idea either if you do not want to cut out too many cals just yet.
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