I competed in the USAPL 2008 Maryland State Powerlifting Championship yesterday at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis MD.

I won 1st Place in the Masters 40-49 181 lb Class.

Here is how it went:

Squat: 145 kg (320 lbs)
Bench Press: 120 kg (265 lbs)
Deadlift: 190 kg (419 lbs)

Total: 1004 lbs

I will have the exact USAPL scoring when USAPL Maryland officially posts their results.


Arrived in Annapolis carsick and on antibiotics for an infected boil in my nose. Got 6 1/2 hours sleep before the weigh-in at 8:15 AM. Sucessfully made 181 3/4 lb weight class by weighing in at 179 lbs. Didn't have time to eat anything except 2 Ensure before lifting started. I was in the 3rd flight, which ended with the 181 lb Class (198-SHW lifted in the afternoon).


1st Attempt: Opener at 292 lbs. Rushed up to the platform sans wrist wraps due to bad timing. My training partner barely got my knees wrapped properly. Smoked it. 3 Whites

2nd Attempt: Gym and Meet PR attempt: 319.5 lbs. Again, knees wrapped not as tight as planned due to my training partner (yes, he took the blame). At least wrist wraps on. Smoked it. 3 Whites

3rd Attempt: 330.5 lbs. Knees wrapped super tight. Walk out heavy but good. Dropped into hole. Felt as if proper depth was hit. Blasted out of the hole easy - not a grinder. Head Judge "Niko" Hulslander gave me a White Light; two side judges: 2 Red Lights

I had failed to break parallel on the 3rd attempt. Not disputed. Confirmed by my training partner.

End of Squat: 319.5 lbs

Bench Press:

1st Attempt: Opener set lower at 248 lbs. Smoked it. 3 White Lights
(training partner warned me I was raising head)

2nd Attempt: 265 lbs Smoked it. 1 Red; 2 Whites. Head judge saw me move head.

3rd Attempt: PR tie at 281 lbs. Smoked it. 3 Red Lights
My head was flapping in the breeze. I think this was due to carelessness and nervousness.

End of Bench Press: 265 lbs.


1st Attempt: Opener at 391.2 lbs. Smoked it. 3 White Lights

2nd Attempt: Meet PR attempted; attempt to break 1000 lb Total: 418.7 lbs. Hitched due to form issues. Locked out with bounce at top: 3 Red Lights

3rd Attempt: (repeat): Meet PR attempted; attempt to break 1000 lb Total: 418.7 lbs. Smoked it. 3 White Lights

End Deadlift: 418.7 lbs

Closing thoughts: I learned a lot. Felt as if I received strict but very fair judging. Would welcome facing all of these judges again. I need to get back to the gym and work on my weaknesses in form, and to continue increase my strength. Very happy with meet results and breaking 1000 lb milestone. Got carsick on drive back, and my nose is still infected.