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Thread: barefoot squatting?

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    barefoot squatting?

    I have very wide feet, and I have never found comfortable shoes. My feet literally stretch out shoes and then they fit loosely no matter how tight I tie them.

    I know some people here deadlift and squat barefooted, for those that do: Is it out of comfort? Or is there any advantage to it? Does your gym give you any **** about taking your shoes off?

    Anyways, I've never tried it, but I was considering it. Didn't know if there was any real advantage to why people do it, or if it's just a comfort thing.
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    If you like squatting on flat heels then go for it.

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    I thought the same and posted a question like this not too long ago. My foot is at least a 3D I'd say.... I fit in chucks no problem, go to the shoe store and try it out, you'd be in for a big surprise.

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    I use to squat barefoot for awhile. I felt like it gave me more stability, just dont make the mistake I did by wearing black socks. Black socks dont absorb sweat nearly as good as white socks and thus making it very slippery.

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    I've never tried barefoot. I've got 2D feet. I bought a pair of squat shoes that are wide enough. That was the ticket.
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    I always do, just like it better, especially for deads. I workout at home so I don't know about the gym being a problem.

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    I do all my lifting either barefoot, in flip-flops, or in Nike Frees. I'm on a 3/4 in. solid rubber surface and haven't had any issues. There's plenty of photos of Arnold and others squatting barefoot.

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    my whole workout is with just socks, overall as little cloths as possible makes sence to me for working out, I have the stuff at home though.

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    +1 for squatting and deadlifting with no shoes on

    Ever since I took shoes off, my squat form has dramatically imporved. Also I am not afraid of losing balance as I squat.

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