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Thread: 300 lb bench press game plan

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    300 lb bench press game plan

    I want to bench press 300 lbs.
    My best bench was 275 lb, that was about a year ago. I havent' done much benching this year, but I did 225x7 in October which was a PR. I recently got access to a good gym so I can work on my bench again.

    I also want to work oly lifts, so I'll do those on another day. I assume some prerequisites for increasing bench are heavy squating, and vertical and horizontal pulling. My sticking point is at the bottom.

    I also plan on gaining some weight, by eating a lot more meat and eggs, and also keeping my veggie consumption up. I might go on protein or creatine, if it's recommended. I was about 220 when I hit 275, I'm about 210 now.

    My bench form suits me pretty well, with a narrowish grip and some arch, although I'm going to try to improve the arch with Steven Crowder's "touch the bench with your balls" suggestion. Any guides on how to use leg drive?

    Now onto my proposed routine.

    Day A:
    Bench press (3-5)x3 with heavy (increasing?) weight
    Dips-Either as many quintuplets as I can manage, or max rep sets. I don't like weighted dips, although I have the option.

    Day B:
    Clean and jerk

    Day C:
    Squats or front squats
    Dynamic effort bench (suggestions?)
    Bent over rows

    I'd cycle through the days, and I'd do stuff I felt like at the end, to keep it fun. I'd also consider splitting cleans and jerks up and doing jerks on day C.

    So how does it look so far?

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    The dynamic effort bench should be about 6-8 sets of 3 reps with 30-60 seconds of rest intervals. GO FAST!

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