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Thread: What kind of gains can I expect in 8 months?

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    What kind of gains can I expect in 8 months?


    A variety of reasons--injury to my back, and time spent abroad the biggest among them--have kept me out of the gym more than I would have liked in the last 3 months or so. With that said, I've decided to get very serious and go on a massive bulk when I get back stateside in a month or so.

    The last time I went on a bulk was a few years ago, and was also the time I was the most serious about lifting. I gained about 25 pounds of weight, and was stronger than I've ever been--although I never maxed on deadlift then.

    A few months ago, I reached an all-time max on the deadlift of about 425 pounds (although last week pulling 405 pounds felt like about all I could do), although my squat has probably fallen from a high of 365 during my first bulk to 285 or so, and my bench has likewise fallen from 265 to 205 or so.

    Like I said, I want to go on another bulk, and get back into things in a serious way. I weight about 190 pounds at the moment, and would like to weigh in at 220. I plan on doing Starting Strength, although I am not really a beginner, until I hit a wall, and then switching over to a body-part 3 day or 4 day split.

    I am worried that due to travel plans and the Holidays, I will be out of the gym for 3 or so weeks in the coming month, and will likely lose some strength as a result.

    When I start up lifting in mid-January though, and if I make sure that I eat enough to gain an average of one pound a week, and I go at it hard, what kind of gains can I realistically expect to make in 8 months time?

    My goals would be:

    Deadlift: 495
    Squat: 385
    Bench: 265

    Are these numbers reachable in 8 months?

    Thanks, guys.
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    those numbers could be attainable with strict dedication, though on the deadlift youre looking at over 10lbs added per month. its certainly doable, but what are your more short term goals along the way? theres a chance you could rush things and plateau early (you wont 'hit the wall' unless youre doing a marathon ) especially after the drop on the deadlift.

    you shouldnt be in a rush to get it all back in a few months. try to aim for 5lbs a month increases instead and see how that goes. as you get stronger gains gradually get harder too. ask yourself, too, how long did it take before to add this much to my bench, squat, etc? then be honest with yourself about whether youll reach it in that time (as this is a personal thing to each of us, noone can really say for you). if you know that you can jump that quickly then go for it. if not then set some more flexible aims or shorter term ones after youve started up properly again for a few weeks.

    really its a case of dedication, genetics, motivation & restraint that will get you there

    good luck

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