Hi everyone,

My goal this winter is to get rid of my fat hanging around (mostly in the stomach region). I'm currently 5-11" 195 lbs. At the same time, I would like to pack on some lean muscle due to the fact that I still have a somewhat small frame (toothpick legs for eg).

I'm currently doing physical training (weight lifting) 3 times per week. the other 3 days I do about 1/2 hr of abs and 1 hr of intense cardio including swimming laps.

Now, i'm confused on what type of intake I should lead. I'm eating very healthy now (wholewheat, high sources of protein, fiber, vitamins, etc). The question is, how much is enough for me to reach my goals? If I eat too much will I halt the fat loss? If I eat too little, will I shrink and become too skinny again, considering that I have a skinny frame already? I grew up a toothpick due to my genetics (dad is skinny, same with my bros). It took me years to pack on the pounds that I have by eating like a cow (unfortunately I did intake a lot of fatty foods)...so now i'm paying the price. I want to lose the fat and gain some mass and i'm willing to work my butt off for it.

I currently do not count calories and grams..but is there a formula I should possibly follow to reach my goals?

Here is an example of my routine for a day:

4:30AM - Protein Shake (2 scoops whey, 2 fruits
5AM-6:30 - WORKOUT
7AM - 2 EGGS + 1-2 whites (omega 3), big glass milk (pro-vit), white bread, fruit
11AM - 1 large can tuna with whole wheat bread, lettuce, cheddard cheese (tuna sandwich)
1:00 - Chicken Risotto (2-2.5 cups) (wholewheat rice) - 2 fruits
4:00pm - natural pb with jam or nutella on white or wholewheat
6-6:30 - plate of whole wheat pasta, 1-2 cups chicken/beef. fruit, veggies.

I don't really eat much after dinner, i'm a bit paranoid of adding more fat before hitting the bed. Any suggestions for the late evenings?

What do you all think?