Im not really sure on how to organize the training leading up to a meet. I tried an experiment with 2 weeks overloading, then 2 weeks deloading and it didnt work at all. I realized I made it way more complicated and advanced than needed. So this is my current plan for the meet.

Mon DE Upper 8x3@60% 1x3@70% 1x2@80% 1x1@90%
Tue ME Lower Low Box Squat
Wed off
Thu ME Upper deload (no ME movement, regular supplemental and accessory work)
Fri DE Lower 8x2 Box Squats@55% 1x2@65% 1x1@75% with bands
Sat off
Sun off
Mon DE Upper
Tue ME Lower
Wed off
Thu ME Upper
Fri DE Lower
Sat off
Sun Meet

Would working up on DE days the week prior be a bad idea? Also Im not really sure how to fill the final week. Prepping a weeks worth of training for a single day is a bit confusing. This would be my first meet so other than my overload/deload trial I have no prior experiance with this.