Gunny Green, how many people have done over 500 raw OFFICIALLY at such a light weight.

Hoornstra over 600 at 242, routinely over 600.

I don't know of many lightweights, someone help me out?

Great thing about a contest raw lift, is there is little debate. No questions like WAS IT ONE PLY? DENIM OR POLY? HIS LOCKOUT WAS UNEVEN? JUDGING WAS CRAPPY? You see very little bashing of a contest raw lift. Lots of people talk alot about what they can do, few show it. Gunny proves it in the gym and on the platform, raw.

Many have learned how to master a bench shirt, few have the raw strength of the greats in the past.

As a side note, if Kenelley trained for a raw meet I know the record would fall. I have seen him do near 600 in the warmup room for REPS easy.

Semper Fi