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Thread: 2 week time period

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    2 week time period

    I know I know it's impossible to see big results in 2 weeks...of gaining or losing...

    BUT I was just curious if you wanted to look as lean/skinnier as possible in 2 weeks, what are the best things to do?

    I was clean bulking for months, and this last month I decided to dirty bulk, and now just look like John Cena mated with a sumo wrestler. Anyways...I look like crap right now, and starting to cut anyways.

    Question is, what can I do to really look leaner (face, etc) in 2 weeks? I'm going to a big company party with alot of pictures, so I want to try not to look as bloated as I do now.

    What can I manipulate? Water? Carbs? Cardio? Sauna? etc.

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    Assuming that loss of water weight, not fat loss, is the answer, you might want to start your search for an answer here:

    I did that a few months ago, and it worked pretty well.
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    Note that the plan in t-nation is if you already have a really low bf. I think you can strip out water by lowering carbs for a couple days, hitting the treadmill and sauna in sweatsuits, as if you were cutting down for a fight. You will look a leaner but probably a little flat. You can also probably drop 2-4lbs of fat in two weeks if you feel like dieting.
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    In terms of gaining weight, I typically consume an additional 2,000 calories per day through protein, shakes, etc. I have always been on the track of gaining weight, so I have no knowledge of how to lose weight.

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    You could go low carbs and do some water manipulation for a quick drop. (water & sodium load, cut sodium, peak water, cut everything).

    Some other things that make a big difference in appearance would be a haircut and tanning - would look into both of those as well.
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