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    Your meals in a typical day ...

    Mine are:

    Breakfast -
    either a couple of homemade hot pockets with spinach and soy cheese or a large P B & J sandwhich.

    Mid morning snack -
    an apple (or two) and granola bar.

    Lunch -
    a tofu sandwich (tofu, spinach, and soy cheese on WW bread), a couple of boiled potatoes, a couple of raw brussle sprouts, and an apple, and or plum, and or peach.

    Dinner -
    a large bowl of beans (black, kidney and fava), lentils, and either brown rice or bulger, a couple of raw garlic cloves, one raw red or yellow bell pepper, 1/2 red raw onion, and some whole wheat bread.

    after dinner snack -
    Some walnuts / almonds and raisons, and or fruit, celery and carrots.

    * Each meal is followed by 1.2 grams of Chlorella and 3 grams of Spirulina.

    My pw protein "shake" is hemp protein powder with water.

    Of course this various but for the most part ... this is it.

    Someone reminded me of beer, I usually have 2 maybe-3 beers everyday afer work.
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