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Thread: A new Beginning...

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    A new Beginning...

    Hello everyone!! I have landed here at this promising Forum. A few kids I met in the gym use this website for help and reference, so I decided to give it a try.

    A little Info. on me....

    ~I played Hockey for 16 years and I played Football, Track, and Baseball for about five years.

    ~I am a 19 yr. old student.

    ~I have some workout experience, but not enough to know what to do to make progress.

    ~5' 9" & 185.

    ~Max: Bench-210..............Squat-300................DL-250

    I want to gain some mass and work toward abs. I can work very hard to achieve this and I do not normally lack motivation to do work. However, one thing I am limited to is food. Dorm food, well, sucks. I do eat subway like twice a day. I can get pretty much anything at some point, but being able to eat say, chicken breast daily will be impossible.

    Optimally I would like to bring the Body Fat % down and Muscle Up. I am not too worried about the LBS number. I know it won't happen overnight and I am prepared to work for quite some time.

    Monday: Bench Press Pryamids
    Wednesday: Squats
    Friday: Devils Rack

    I think this is wayyyyy to little. I do not know what I should be doing, like what exercises and when. Should I be incorporating cardio? Compound vs Isolated? I just do not know specifically what to do.

    Current Diet:
    Breakfast- Ham, Cheese, Potato Omelet every M, W, Fri and TU,TH is a random like granola or something easy.

    Lunch-Subway or something "healthy"

    Dinner- Well, honestly, this varies. It could be subway again, it could be wendys or taco bell or panda express. its hard to say. I could go to the cafe and get a burrito or salad or some kind of chicken/meat. It is very random.


    If someone could give me a routine or something I should be doing. Anything. Even what you do is great! I just need some direction to something that will turn results, not wasting my time in the gym.

    Thanks very much for reading and for all the help in advance!!

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    Since you're new to lifting, here's a routine that should help you get started. It's called Starting Strength.

    Workout A
    Squat 3X5
    Bench 3X5
    Dead 1X5
    Dips 3Xas many as poss.

    Workout B
    Squat 3X5
    Press 3X5
    Power Clean 3X5
    sub Bent Rows
    Pullups 3Xas many as poss.

    week 1
    Monday workout a
    Wednes workout b
    Friday workout a
    week 2
    Monday workout b
    wednes workout a
    friday workout b

    Increase weight on all exercises at each workout. Do this routine until you cannot add weight to each exercise each day. Then keep going with this, just adding weight to each exercise each week. Eat like crazy during this routine. You'll put on size and strength and it will help you build a great foundation. After this is done, then we'll talk about cutting and getting the abs to show.
    Give chalk a chance.

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    Do a search on Starting Strength

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    unfortunately food is decisevely the most important part. As far as the cutting for abs and definition you bulk first and probably put on some fat along with the muscle because you need to eat so much. Once you've put on your desired muscle you cut by eating small and clean and continuing to do your routine + add cardio and various excersizes and your ripped.

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