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Thread: Brown Rice vs. White Rice

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    Brown Rice vs. White Rice

    I looked at the nutrition labels on a bag of brown and white rice, and they were exactly the same......well almost. Brown had less sodium or something, but that was the only difference. So why does everyone say to eat brown rice?

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    It's lower Gycemic. Meaning it will raise blood sugar at a slower rate then white rice which is relativley high.
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    IMO there isn't much difference. You shoud eat whichever you like.
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    What yates said
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    brown rice also has more fiber.
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    Still brown rice is only marginally better than white rice. imo, the difference is not enough to be concerned. eat which ever one you like but in moderation.

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    I dont know exactly why, but supposedly brown rice will help you feel fuller longer than white rice, plus the fiber, of course, is good for you. eating the brown rice will help keep your carb content lower in your diet.
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    Brown rice always be like "Yo you wassup you living!?" while white rice be like "Why hello young are you doing this fine night?"

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    If you can get your hands on it at a reasonable price, wild rice has even more of the good stuff (fiber, low GI) than brown rice and has a nuttier sort of flavor. Brown rice mixed with wild rice looks and tastes pretty good...

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