So about 4 or 5 weeks ago i was deadlifting, was working up to a 315x3. All i got to was 275x1 (light, perfect form as i had 2 training buddys tell me), about halfway through the lift my right lower back pinched. Hurt like a bitch, i dropped the weight and stopped. I thought my belt had just dug into my skin, but when i took it off it was still hurting bad. Ever since i havent been able to deadlift any more than 135 for a couple reps without pain so ive just left my lower back alone for the most part. But squating, leg press, any kind of rows, shrugs, even curls have made my lower back get very uncomfortably tight before the incident this never happened. So today i had just finished working out, i was going to try to deadlift but back still hurt so i didnt i was walking to my truck, took my step up to get in and my right lower back felt like it tore or something was the worst pain i've felt ever, and i've had some bad injuries (including a 1/4-1/2 inch hole in my knee). im praying that my back didnt tear and its just a sprain or something. Any thoughts?

Ive talked to some people that said well are you on steroids? the answer is no. Some people told me to drink enough water. Well i get 2 gallons a day. Then one guy told me to get some taurine that it might help with the back pump. which i havent done that yet but im more concerned with the pain in my right lower back than i am with the uncomfortable pumps out of nowhere.