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Thread: Packing Checklist for a Powerlifting Competition

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    Packing Checklist for a Powerlifting Competition

    I'm going to my 2nd competition this weekend and was starting to pack my bags for driving this afternoon. I thought I remembered there was a online article about what you should pack, but I can't seem to find it in my saved links and/or a google search. However I did find Big Willie's post here on WBB

    And thought maybe this could be a dedicated thread on the topic - or maybe one of the pros could write a comprehensive article for everyone. If there is an article, sorry.. please post link and ignore the list.

    Otherwise, add away

    Equipment to pack:
    Work Boots for BPs
    Chucks for SQs and DLs (or Squat shoes)
    Knee & elbow sleeves to keep joints warm between attempts
    For Equipped Lifting:
    Bench Press Shirt
    Squat Suit
    DL Suit
    Wrist Wraps
    Knee Wraps
    Boards - for warming up
    Chalk-not usually needed - but JIC
    Liniments/rubbing oiments - something like McTarnahans from Elite or some Muellers
    Some light Bands - to use for stretching/warming up shoulders
    Gym Bag
    *Baby Power - DLs
    *Athletic tape

    • Singlet
    • T-shirt and a spare T-shirt
    • Sweatpants and sweatshirt (or something to keep warm between attempts if the comp area is cold or air conditioned)
    • Towel
    • **Change of Clothes

    Food to bring:
    • Peanut Butter, Honey & Bread - for early morning breakfast & snack in between flights
    • Caffiene - like Redline
    • Liquid Carbs - like some kind of Juice
    • Liquid Protein - like Nitrean
    • Snacks like Nuts - almonds, peanuts & pitachios
    • Water

    • $$$
    • Membership Card
    • Camera
    • Pen
    • Journal
    • Deodorant
    • **Medical Kit - ice pack, hydrogen peroxide, Band-aids
    • **Tissue Paper
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    A topic like this always comes in handy!

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    Forgot the baby powder (for DL).

    Pretty complete list, though.
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    I usually bring an ice pack, some athletic tape and hydrogen peroxide.

    And some boards for warming up on the bench.

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    Pretty good complete list. I think this topic has been covered before though....

    The only things I would add to that list:
    *tissue paper
    *band aids
    *change of clothes
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    Thanks guys.. I'm adding your suggestions to the list...

    I know Sensei, that is what I thought.. but I guess my searching skills are rusty.. the only "list" I found was Big Willie's..

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    Big Willie posts that list everywhere and a lot of times he leaves out the squat/dl gear.

    I wonder if he signs a lot of autographs at his meets because I have not needed a pen of my own at any meet I have been to, lol.

    I make a list the night before I leave for each meet and check each thing off as I pack it. I usually pack everything I need for deadlift first, then bench and then squat. This way the deadlift stuff is at the bottom and the squat stuff is on top. Of course, now that I have turned my canvas squat suit into my gym bag as well, this doesn't work.
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