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Thread: Super Katana question

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    Super Katana question

    I've noticed a lot of guys using their single ply super katana's with the closed back, even when competeing in feds that allow open back shirts. Is there a particular reason for leaving them this way instead of cutting the backs out? I just got a new katana that i plan on trying out on sunday, and i've always used open back in the past, but i wanted to see if there are any advantages of leaving it stock before i cut it up.

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    There could be a couple of reasons. One is that by leaving the shirt un-modified they can use it in more than one federation. That is a big factor for me. The other main reason being that if the shirt is working for you "as is", don't screw with it!

    Picked up a super Katana myself at the WABDL Worlds a few weeks ago. Took one rep at the meet and really looking forward to getting in some additional training time with it. Just from the limited trial, the fit and feel of the shoulders and neck do, I think, a pretty good job of emulating an open back shirt.

    Good luck with yours. I think you'll like it.

    Robert Harris
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    Isn't the reason for the open back is to get more out of it? Which would probably make weight harder to touch.

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    There are a couple advantages to cutting the back. It makes the shirt easier to get on, and easier to adjust by being able to pull the neck down further. I put the katana on today to see how it fit, and the closed back didn't feel much different than what i'm used to. I always compete in double ply feds, so i'll try it out sunday and cut it if i need to. I got the shirt thru Ken Anderson, and just like everyone says, hes great to deal with.

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