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Thread: I have two electronic problems/questions.

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    I have two electronic problems/questions.

    I'm not really up to date on the classifications of all the cables.

    I have an HP Docking Station from my old HP laptop. I really liked it a lot and it made life a lot easier.

    I'd like to use it with my Lenovo Y530.

    The issue is that my Lenovo does not have a printer port, nd that is how my docking station connects to my computer.

    So, I figured the crafty way around getting a new docking station would be to use a USB converter. The issue is that I can't find one (it seems like most everyone carries the printer side, but not the computer side of the cable).

    Any ideas?

    Here's a picture of the cables. If I can connect to either one of these it will work (the second one is able to connect to the first one)

    I managed to break a wire that connects to my laptop speakers.

    These are my speakers.

    Basically, I broke off the tip of a wire. The tip is still inside my "R" speaker input thing. I have been unable to dig it out.

    Is there any reasonable way for me to fix this problem?

    Thanks as always dudes.

    Pictures are attached.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    The pictures on the forum aren't working.

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    For the HP Cable: Check either or If you can't find it there, you wont find it anywhere.

    For the broken speaker cable: You can take apart the speaker, and inside you should see a board that the inputs are soldered to. You could either try and take it out from here, or take off the input w/ the plug stuck in it and solder a new input there (cheap at radio shack).

    Good luck!
    \m/ d-_-b \m/

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