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    HAHAHAHA just bc you have ur earphones in doesnt mean everyone else at the gym cant hear you singing outloud. at the gym today some guy was singin down with the sickness to himself, or so he thought. haha it was so funny.
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    Dude, I think some people forget that other people can hear them. I see this all the time when walking around campus. Someone walking, with their ipod in just belting out the song. I'm not talking about mouthing the words either. they are flat out singing.

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    My favorite is when you try to talk to people that have the earphones playing. They think they are speaking at a regular volume when in reality the whole gym can here them shouting everyday salutations. "HOWS IT GOING BUD?!@"
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    I had a guy singing LOUD in front of me yesterday. He went from a song that said "girrrrl, you're makin me bluueee!" to one that said "I spoke the pot because it maaakes meeee feeel alllriiiight!!" HE would literally bust out into song at full volume about every 30 seconds.

    One of the ladies finally looked over at him and said "you doing your karaoke workout today?"

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    hey! some girl said that to me the other day..........wait you could hear me?
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