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Thread: Help me get my deadlift to 600

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    Help me get my deadlift to 600

    Alright. As of last Monday I just hit an all time PR of 550 on my deadlift. My goal has always been to get into the 600's. Prior to this PR I've been using the 5/3/1 for my deadlift. This took me from 475 to 550. Assistance work has consisted off:

    Pull throughs
    Back Raises
    Step ups
    Leg Curls

    My question is should I restart the 5/3/1 again taking 10% off my maxing and basing the percentages off of 500, or switch to more ME approach with it work with singles in the 90% range. I feel as though I may be getting stale doing the 5/3/1 as I've been running it since September; then again the old saying goes if it ain't broke don't fix so I'm kind of confused as to what direction I should take.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks all.

    EDIT: If it helps any, I'm strong off the floor and usually stall about the knee or slightly below.
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