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Thread: Antique/rare weightlifting plates/equipment

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    Antique/rare weightlifting plates/equipment

    Apparently- i have accumulated plates, etc.. that collectors want.
    York, roberts, etc..

    Does anyone know of any contacts where I can research their value ?

    I have tried to google occassionaly over the past 2 tears- but always get a dead end

    For instance- i sold 900 lbs of old York Globe dumbbells for $1500 based on seeing a couple go for $2 to $1.50 a LB on ebay

    Now I have 12 1/2 LB York plates that a guy is eager to buy
    - but again I find no way to set a price.

    any thoughts are appreciated

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    I would say that your best bet is either contacting York directly or trying to find similar items in ebay / craigslist archives...
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    I cousin of mine is in to grip competitions and he mentioned to me last week that the old York wide flanged 45s would go for $200 each to grip guys.

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    old york 45's

    I have those also

    numerous items- click on Vintage equipment set

    many OLD plates I found buried- If anything interests you send me a note at

    I would hate to dump stuff at play it again just to clear space to make the wife happy IF someone collects or cares about any of this
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