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Thread: deadlift rep question

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    deadlift rep question

    any thoughts on 1 rep deadlifts?
    currently im doing 2 sets of 6-8

    was talking to a newly made friend today who seemed very knowledgable and suggested i try 1 rep deadlifts, saying that it would give me more strength on my squats, and greater overall progression

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    Was your friend a powelifter? I would expect that he/she is. I am a bodybuilder and I am currently using 5X5 training. I had a slight back injury recently, but I am getting back to where my conventional deadlift weight was, now with much better form. Actually last night my deadlifts were as follows:

    135 for 12
    225 for 5
    275 for 5
    285 for 5
    285 for 5

    I have had great results with this method. I am still feeling out what I am capable of right now, I could have gone up more on the last three, but decided against it for that night. Normally, 5X5 consists of 2 progressively heavier warmup sets, not going heavier than 60-70% of 5 rep max, then three sets at 5 rep max. If I get all 5 on each of the three 5 rep max sets, I will go up on those sets next time. I usually rest 3-5 minutes between sets.

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    I'm not going into my DL experience from last night, but heavy singles are a good choice for building strength if you're doing squats for reps another time during the week.
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    i use a 1 rep dead in my routine with great effect.

    try pyramiding your weights down from say a 12 rep set to start to 8 reps, then 2 sets of 4 then a single and the rep out for about 12 again.
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    I do all my deadlifting these days for 1 rep sets. Works for me.

    Of course, I am powerlifter-biased though.
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    PowerManDL, right now im doing deads on tuesday, with my leg routiene (squats) on thursday....

    so my new friends advice checks out, ill be tryin those 1 rep deads come tuesday

    currently im using the WWB 1, so i only do two sets of deads....should i bump the amount of sets up since im going to a lower volume?, say maybe 3 or 4?


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