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Thread: Bench shirt I can put on MYSELF

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    Bench shirt I can put on MYSELF

    I'm primarily a bodybuilder who is "dabbling" in power lifting and thinking of trying a bench shirt (primarily for support of heavier weights I'm now moving and not so much for bigger numbers). A friend of mine with a similar build had me try on his INZER Blast shirt after helping me get in on for about 5 minutes.

    The thing is, I mostly train alone but use a spotter for my heavier work. I need a shirt I can get on and off myself. I do not have a brand preference, but I'd just like to get a little extra support and be able to get in and out of it on my own (probably by having one bigger than I need). I realize I would not get the full benefits from a bigger shirt, but I don't have a dedicated partner to help me out all the time.

    Any suggestions from someone who has a similar situation?

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    If you don't have a training partner I wouldn't suggest using a shirt at all. Even a blast.

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    If you're not going to compete, you don't need a shirt.
    If you want to use a shirt, you should really have a training partner with you.
    If you insist on using a shirt without a training partner, make sure to bench in the power rack and set the pins just below where you're going to touch so you don't kill yourself. Get a Blast and cut it up the back. You should easily be able to get into and out of it by yourself.

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    I agree, if you are training by yourself then I wouldn't recommend using a shirt.

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    Fair enough. I'd just like some shoulder support since 3 months ago I was stuck at 295# max and now I'm at 325. I was just wondering if I ordered one of the "stretchy-back" shirts like TITAN offers in a size or two larger if I could get it on without someone helping me. I do use a spotter on heavy sets on a standard bench or I set pins on the power rack when I can't find someone to spot me some nights.

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    I have Titan shirts that I can get on without help. But it you aren't looking for "bigger numbers", why wear a shirt at all?
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    Do a search on YouTube for Mike Tuscherer's 7 part video log on
    putting a shirt on by yourself. I haven't tried it, but he does it
    step-by-step and he sure makes it look easy. He even goes over
    how to get it off.


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