Hey, I am 19 years old and have been lifting pretty heavily and almost daily for about a year. I would say I am pretty big for my size and very lean. Though, in about the past 3 weeks, I have not been lifting nearly as much as I have been (especially in relation to my chest and shoulders). I noticed at the start of the three weeks, the weight I was able to lift decreased very minorly though it continued. I did get pretty bad strep throat for over a week which restricted me to being able to eat fully and well. I'm also in college and I took a decent amount of adderall to study for my exams which very much decreased my appetite (some days I would only eat maybe two very small portions of food, I know it was stupid). I also ran out of my protein which I was taking daily in about the last two weeks. Now, I am back to my normal lifestyle, taking protein, eating pretty healthily and not lifting nearly as much as I was about a month ago. I also do not really notice a decrease in my muscle mass. Can anybody please help offer advice as to what has happened, or what is happening, and will I recover my strength? Thanks