So, I'm currently running Westside for Skinny Bastards(original template) because of recommendations on this board and I need a little help for my next wave. Monday I will be starting my 3rd wave(each 3 weeks long) and I'm not sure what ME lift to do. For my first cycle I did regular bench working up to 3 rep maxes, for my second cycle I did close-grip bench also wokring up to a 3RM.

For this cycle, I was thinking about doing a 2 board press(just got boards, used to use a phone book). I don't have too much experience with board presses, but after doing a search here, and reading articles on EliteFTS, I saw that 1 board and 2 board were the best bets for a raw bencher. 1 board seemed too similar to regular so that is what led to 2 board. So, what I am looking for are suggestions for my work out since I don't have much experience with boards.

For background, I have been lifting seriously for the last 1.5 yrs, my 1RM for bench was 225(hit it just before starting this program 6 weeks ago). Last monday, I hit 195x3 on close grip. Hopefully this helps, if you need me to post my proposed work out, just let me know. Thanks for all the help.