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Thread: Deadlift critique

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    Deadlift critique

    I took 2 videos of me deadlifting today and I was hoping to get some constructive critiquing of my form. Any help is appreciated.

    275 lb pull

    300 lb pull (My current PR, yeah, not much... but progress for me.)
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    Looks pretty good to me. I like those plates, they make it look like you have like 800 lbs on there, lol. I'd say the only thing I noticed that you might want to watch is loosening up just slightly before you pull. It looked like your arms were straight and tight...and then right before you pull you loosen slightly and then yank a little. Keep some tension on the bar and then pull hard.
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    You're wasting a lot of energy standing there set up in front of the bar before you pull. Get down, get your hands on the bar, then pull it right away.

    Also it looks like your back is rounded slightly right from the beginning. I agree with what Chris said, you need to stay tight instead of jerking it.
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    Thanks guys! I agree on he jerking and staying down there too long. On the rounded back, it definitely looks like it's a little rounded but when I'm down there about to pull, it feels as if I'm almost arching my back a bit. How do you suggest I keep it straighter?

    On the plates, I love them! Wright rubber bumper plates. When I was stocking my home gym, it was either buy Iron plates at $1.07/lb or get some bumper plates at $1.10 (which is a KILLER price on bumpers) so I went with the bumpers. Also, keep the floor and my equipment safe in case I have to bail on a pull or other olympic lifts.

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    you look like you had more in you on the PR pull.
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    Quote Originally Posted by youngguns View Post
    you look like you had more in you on the PR pull.
    I think I may have, actually... I took some time off from DL's when I became stagnant at 265 lbs. Coming back just a couple of weeks ago I feel much stronger and while that 300 lb pull was a PR, I still felt like I could have maybe put on another 20 lbs or so.

    However, I'm concerned about keeping my back straight... I swear it felt like I had my back arched when I was doing those pulls and the video's seem to tell a different story....

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    looks good for me bro, like it was said before: bend down, maintain arch and pull right away, you're wasting energy and tightness staying there like that.
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    I agree what everyone else has said with my main point being to make sure you are super tight before pulling. never ever ever ever let your arms go loose before you pull, you are going to kill your joints that way not to mention you could probably add more weight simply from learning how to pull without being loose.
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    your leaning over the bar, try to get your shoulders behind the bar before u start. which from what others said prolly will be corrected with just the tightening up on the bar before u pull. other then that looks pretty good.

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