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Thread: Putting emphasis on back during pull ups/chin ups

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris mason View Post
    I have always had a good back and no problem with the mind-muscle connection in that respect. Over the years I have worked with a lot of people that have the same problem you have. The thing that I notice almost universally is that they do not get a sufficient arch in their lower back to really force the lats to play a more prominent role. For instance, if you are doing a pulldown to the front you want to focus on really puffing out your chest as you get closer to your chest. This arch really helps to get a solid lat contraction.
    I see. Would it be possible to arch the back doing pullups or chinups?
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    yes, just as you would arch your back standing, it should be around the same hanging. its more of puffing your chest out, i beleive, then trying to arch the back as much.

    although bulging with odd muscles, you can note the arch in this mans back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruteman View Post
    Instead of concentrating on pulling yourself up to the bar, concentrate on pulling your elbows down and back. Another(although a horrific thought, lol) way to describe it is to imagine your arms are cut off at the elbow. You have your buddy tie some rope around your elbow stumps and to the bar. How would you pull yourself up? You'd have to pull your upper arms down. Hope that helps you understand without giving you nightmares, lol.
    HAHAHAHA! I never though anyone else thought this way
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