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Thread: Help with workout routine...

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    Help with workout routine...

    I am an eighteen year old guy, athletic build, but on the skinny side...I usually lift during the summers, and have to ease off whenever school starts due to sports and lack of time. However, even when i did lift, i did not see many changes. I could tell i was getting stronger, and maybe a little bit bigger, but not much....I just didnt feel like i was doing the right exercises. So my question for your guys is what kind of workout routine would you all suggest for me in order to get many days a week, reps, exercises, etc. I would really appreciate if someone took the time to fill me in, thanks.

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    Use the search and the info at

    Until then do something like this:

    Squat 5x3
    Bench 5x5
    Row 5x5

    DL 5x3
    OH Press 5x5
    Pullup 5x5

    Hang Clean 5x3
    Front Squat 5x5
    SLDL 5x5

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    Also, go here:

    Keep in mind that if you want to get bigger, you'll have to eat more than you normally do, too.

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    both posts above are good. you must also keep in mind that getting bigger doesn't happen fast. it takes years. if you're getting stronger, then you're making progress. however some people train for months before seeing any visible progress.

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