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Thread: Adding squats every workout

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    Adding squats every workout

    Whats up guys? anyway, I recently just started back to going to the gym after a 2 month "break" and within that 2 months i gained 20 lbs because I ate the same way i did when I worked out. Im trying to get back to 195. I do a fullbody/spit which means On Mon and Fri I work chest,bi,legs. Wed. I work shoulders, backs, trics and legs. Tues and thurs day I do HIIT. I alternate every week, for example next week Ill work out my Wed. routine on mon and fri and do the mon/fri workout on wed. At the end of every workout i do 3 leg exercises with one being at least squats. I started this last week and Ive already lost 2lbs without changing my eating habits. This workout is a beast but you feel like superman after you take the weekend off and comeback monday. Do you guys think its the squats thats helping my metabolism boost like it is?

    Also Im 6 ft, so im not fat, just trying to be ripped again. The only perk of being this much heavier is I feel a lot stronger in the gym but dont have half the endurance I had before I got lazy and took a break.

    Sorry for the long post
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