Hmm...well for a long time i was doing the whole tracking of every excersise and how much weight and how many reps. I got good progress from that but now i have been lifting with this MASSIVE mofo who is really really buff and in great shape - no hes not a roider.

Anyways I lifted with him this whole week b/c i had no skool (spring break) and no lacrosse practice. We did a body part a day
mon - arms
tues - back
wed - shoulders
thurs - legs
friday - chest

anyways he just told me to come in the gym and do as many excersises and reps as it takes to thouroughly work the muscle for that day. he doesnt bother with set workout rountes and the whole 3X10 stuff. usually we do like a warmup of 20 reps then go down to 6 reps and use as much weight as possible w/ good form.

I have only done this for one week but personally i think its a lot better. Not only does it make things simpler but it doesnt let my body adjust to the workout and i can alter the workout depending on how i feel as opposed to sticking to a rigid routine.

Any thoughts?