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Thread: shin splints

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    shin splints

    i was jogging/walking for cardio but i had to quit recently to rest because i have shin splints so bad i have swollen places on my shinbones. it got really painful to run or walk. ive rested the past 3 weeks and it seems to be improving. also reduced my self to just fast walking. but if i try to jog it starts hurting again.
    how can i get rid of this? ive tried fighting through the pain it just still hurts. tough is tough, but i can only go so far when im only hurting myself. the shoes i run in are nike air monarch cross training. i dont get it....any advice?
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    Ice your shins and knees to help make them go away. Maybe you need to learn how to run (as funny as that sounds, some people do not know how to run properly which can lead to health problems)
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    I went through shin splints this football season and I know how bad it is. However, yours does seem a bit worse then mine. What I did was tape up my ankles up to my lower shin and taped it tight. My athletic trainer did this for me so you may not have that available to you. Also, before running I would take 2 ibuprofen. Other then that, I was told with time it would go away, and sure enough it did. As far as I know it's caused by a couple of factors. They can include not running correctly, running on a surface too soft or too hard, shoes, and running actually too much after not running much before, or even not at all. Good luck with this, and if it keeps bothering you I'd suggest going to a doctor. Could be torn muscles behind your shin or even your shin having stress fractures, at the worst

    EDIT: there was also many stretches I did to make these suckers go away. Painful, but beneficial.
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