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    CP's Journey to the next level

    I've had a longstanding journal on this site, and decided since this is a big year for me that it was time for a new journal. The journey to the next level pertains to growth both in and out of the gym. This year holds some personal milestones for myself. This fall I will turn 30. In a couple of weeks I begin getting my MBA part time. My career has progressed in the past year and a half and is poised for a big jump this year. In the gym I plan to finally push over 200lbs. Depending on how the next 5-6 months go, I might get my butt back on stage around the time I turn 30. I want to prove to myself that 30 is just another number and you can be in the best shape of your life even though you hit a milestone number. I was planning this anyway, but this past week reinforced it. I went snowboarding with my brother and a number of his friends. They ranged from 29 to 35. I was amazed how fat and out of shape they had gotten. Some of these guys were elite (all-state) athletes in high school,one a D1 athelete, and one nearly an olympic skiier. They were all amazed with the shape I was in. I was appalled by how they looked. Things like that stoke my fire.

    I plan on achieving my goals by using a DC training template. Diet will be fairly clean. I am aiming at 4200 calories (~300pro, 500carbs, 110fat) a day to start. During 4Q08 that calorie level allowed me to gain pretty consistently. I will reevaluate as needed. Supplements will be Nitrean (as needed to supplement whole food) and Waxy Maize (pre and post w/o). As well as caffeine or a similar stimulant pre w/o.

    I had hit 191 prior to the holidays. New years day I stepped on a scale(not my usual one) and was 182.5. I ate crap all week, but it was less calories than normal. I may be the only person that eats like **** and drops weight during the holidays. I'm sure a good deal of it is water weight and will bounce back one I reintroduce more carbs this week. This is my 2nd DC blast. I learned a lot of lessons during the first blast and cruise (what exercises work for me, rep ranges, etc). My template for this blast is listed below:

    Upper A
    DB Bench
    HS Shoulder Press

    Lower A
    Cybex Preacher Curls
    Pinwheel Curls
    Leg Press Calf Raise
    Lying Hamstring Curls
    Cybex Squat Press

    Upper B
    Smith Incline Bench
    Smith Shoulder Press
    Smith Close Grip Bench
    DB Rows

    Lower B
    DB Curls
    Hammer Curls
    Standing Calf Raise
    Hoist Leg Press

    Upper C
    Cybex Incline Bench
    Cybex Shoulder Press
    Smith Reverse Grip Bench
    Pullovers (either BB or cable still undecided)
    HS Iso Rows

    Lower C
    Incline DB Curls
    Cable Wrist Curls
    Seated Calf Raise
    Seated Ham Curls
    Cybex Z Squat

    A few picture to track progress in this journal. These were taken just now. No pump. Obviously pasty. In the leg photo you can see I took a tumble snowboarding and have a nasty bruise around my knee. Don't expect it to play an issue in the gym this week.
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