Paul: In the longterm I'd like to be 195 @ 8%. I'm not that far from there, but need 10lbs of muscle.

Notes: So I went and got adjusted at the chiro today. Back feels much better. He said I was a mess and should have come in last week. He is a lifter. He used to workout out with my last w.o partner. I told him I gave squats a go again. He said squats are awesome mass builders, but tough on the body, and especially when you have back issues like me. He doesn't want me to stop lifting. We have had this conversation a number of times. He wants me to lift smart and be healthy. I agree. I started day one of the summer diet today. Trace carbs today. Trace carbs tomorrow as well. As of Saturday I had lost 10lbs in 9 days. Damn fast metabolism and that was w/o any dieting.