Hope everyone is safe and sound after the storm. We have massive issues from the flooding in NYC. Both rivers flooded and spilled into local streets. Downtown was underwater. They are forecasting 4-5 days without subways and up to 2 weeks without power. They cut power in lower Manhattan last night. My girlfriend's apartment lost power and they said probably 3-4 days. We made out way back uptown to my apt where we have power. Her roommates are going to come stay up here.

Workouts have been spotty the last couple of weeks. Had a trip to New Orleans last weekend and the storm this weekend. I have been getting in at least 3 workouts the last couple weeks, just not my full 5. If I have been missing I have been dropping my arms and 2nd chest workout each week (which is optional anyway). Been working much more recently, 8-8 aren't uncommon recently but don't complain about having too much work when others don't have a job. Hope you guys are well, will try to catch up in journals this week.