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Thread: No squat rack for 5 weeks...

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    No squat rack for 5 weeks...

    So I'm in Florida for the next 5 weeks and the only place I can workout is Planet Fitness. This place is a joke. There is no squat rack, only 3 smith machines.

    I was doing Starr's intermediate 5 x 5... but now I don't have a squat rack. I don't mind changing up my workout for 5 weeks but not being able to squat??

    Is there anything I can do to substitute? They do have free bars that I suppose I could set up with 135 or so and clean and press it back onto my shoulders and squat it without a rack... but I won't be getting a proper set up that way...

    Any suggestions of things I can do in lieu of squats?? I know nothing can replace squats, but I really need some type of supplement.
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