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Thread: Hunger and Calorie Count Am I eating too little?

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    Hunger and Calorie Count Am I eating too little?

    Hello All-

    Lately I want to eat everyhing in sight, especially at night!!! I m 6ft about 240 lbs high 20s in body fat. My goal is 210 lbs, I started at 270+. Currently I m changing things up and doing P90X, no comments needed on that. Here is my schedule and eating, should I be eating more? This was my schedule for the day and this is pretty typical

    5:45 Wake Up/Water
    7:30 Protein bar/Trop Premium juice 400cals
    11:00 Tuna Vac Pak 210 cals/water
    2:00 Soup 200 cals
    5:30 Dinner usually some type of protein/veges/water 550+ cals
    7ish Workout p90x
    8:30 Protein Shake 250cals
    10:00-10:30 bed

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    Yes, you should probably be eating way more.

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    looks like on calories, and WAY TOO MUCH liquid food. protein shakes and juice don't sit with you long. Nitrean is a good protein shake because of the casein and egg in it, but its still not as filling as 10oz steak.

    eat more solid/whole food.

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    More solid food and more fiber. More veggies. Fill up on brocolli, green beans, cabbage, celery, etc.
    Nick V

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    Thanks guys I ll adjust and see how I feel... I upped my calories about 300 today and feel MUCH better. I ll knock out some of the liquid cals and replace with some higher fiber foods.

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