Please help critique this short article.

The crux of its argument is as follows:

"Despite being held in such high regard by mainstream health and fitness specialists, when analyzed objectively it becomes clear that aerobics are more deserving of a warning label from the Surgeon General rather than being touted as the ultimate form of exercise.

SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: participation in aerobics results in: loss of muscle tissue, destruction of joints, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage, stress fractures, loss of flexibility, a shapeless physique, interferes with results from real exercise, and is generally a misdirected use of time.

It is the formal position of Precision Fitness, the SuperSlow® Exercise Guild, and hundreds of exercise and medical professionals nationwide that aerobics are an ill-advised activity that are neither necessary, nor desirable as a component of a proper exercise program. If performed correctly, strength training is capable of stimulating cardiovascular health and fitness benefits which match and exceed any possible benefit obtained through aerobic activity – without the negative side effects of aerobics. Strength training therefore, is the only activity or type of exercise that needs to, or should be performed for total fitness."