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Thread: 450x5 DL and a 1000+ total

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    450x5 DL and a 1000+ total

    So I'm going to be writing my second journal on these forums... My first journal was extremely successful until I got extremely sick and lost 15-20 lbs, which were basically all of my gains and I lost over 100 lbs on my deadlift. I was following the SS routine and I will continue to do so in this journal until I plateau.

    Before losing gains = 215 lbs 6'4"
    Squat 280x5, DL 335x5, Bench 195x5, OH Press 130x5, Power Cleans 180x3
    (These gains were made from 10/6/08-Mid Nov. to Early Dec.)

    Now = 198 lbs (extra fat, but not much 15% or less) 6'4''
    Squat 185x5, DL 245x5, Bench 135x5, OH Press 95x5, Power Cleans 135x3

    I was hoping to achieve at least a 385-400lb deadlift by now, but my sickness set me back by at least 2 months so yeah :/.

    It was kind of sad knowing that I had lost all that strength in only a month. When I used to warm up for squats, 135lbs felt like I was lifting a feather.
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