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Thread: Finally went back to the gym

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    Finally went back to the gym

    Okay, I haven't lifted for a year, at least consistently. Anyway, tried deads again last night and am I ever sore. Forgot what it was like and love it... but I can see how people stop lifting after the first week. Soreness can scare afterall

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    Hey brian glad to see ur back "on" Same here... been a bad year, lots of things happening and not all of them good. Now I got 30 days to make some change before I head off to Brazil (Carnival time - oh yeah!)

    Doing Deads already? Damn, hope you're reworking technique and not going for poundage!


    Lift Big, Eat Big, Rest Big, Get BIG !

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    Good job, Brian. Keep lifting hard and heavy. There's no reason not to do deads and squats when just starting out. Form is everything.
    Give chalk a chance.

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