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    So lactose is a type of sugar, like dextrose fructose etc, and its common in milk and some people are intolerant to it?

    is there any reason for lactose tolerant people to avoid lactose?

    today i was in a big hurry going to the gym and i could nÚt bring a post workout meal, so i took a litre of skim milk from the supermarket and downed that after my workout.

    bad, real bad, good?

    I know milk isn`t bad stuff but still i often hear the word lactose in a negative context.

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    About 75% of African Americans are lactose intolerant, cause they lack the enzyme lactase, which converts lactose into glucose and galactose, this may lead to cramps, gas, and other intestinal discomforts. If you do not have any symtoms after comsuming milk, than it shouldn't be a prob
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    Lactose is low glycemic so if your not lactose intolerant drink up on that milk, saying it is a sugar refers to its structure and does not imply it will act the same way as dextrose and fructose.


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