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    Mikes Powerlifting log

    I am a newbie to the sport and have competed twice with a contest coming up on the 7th. I train in a garage gym with a group of more experienced guys and it was the best idea I ever had. My first contest I did raw with a 462 squat, 337 bench, and a 507 deadlift. My second meet was a bench meet which I did in a Katana with a 420 bench. Anyway, this next meet is an all raw meet and then I train for my first full equipped meet in May. Good to be here.
    135 2x5
    225 2x5
    315 1x3
    405 1x3
    475 2x3

    T bar rows
    2 platesx8
    3 platesx8
    4 platesx8
    5 platesx5

    Lat pull down 3 sets
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