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    Trying to BreakIn a Phenom 2ply open back

    I have been having issues getting the bar down with a fairly new Phenom 2ply scoop-neck open-back. I have read that there is a specific process (unique to the Phenom) to properly break it in. Any insight from Phenom users would be much appreciated.

    Not sure if this data will help, but I'll include it (just in case).
    465 - got it down to about 4 boards
    495 - got it down to about 3 boards
    520 - got it down to about 2 boards
    550 - again, down to about 2 boards

    When I hit "bottom", it feels as if there is no more give in the shirt (specifically at 550). I have tried putting a little water on the seams to loosen it (which gave me maybe another 1/2 an inch, but that's about it).

    Thanks for your time,

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