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Thread: westside method book questions

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    westside method book questions

    Ok i just got the westide book of methods recently and im pretty sure i got it im just making sure. From what i understand you are supposed to have 4 training days a week. Two for Me bench & a Me squat and deadlift day. Two for a De bench & a day for De squat and deadlift. On max effort days never actually do a 1 rep max. Keep it to 2-3 reps to failure. And for dynamic effort day use a different method(ie: chains and band variations) every week. so the week should look like this
    Mon: Me squat & deadlift
    wed: Me bench
    fri: De squat & deadlift
    sun: De bench

    Does that look right? And one question i have is on Me squat & deadlift day i do a squat and deadlift variations on the same day or change up between the two every week? Thanks
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