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Thread: One hot minute

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    One hot minute

    Anyone feel that this album is under rated? Sure Frusciante isn't playing and the sound is completely different, but anyone else still think it is one of their best albums? I prefer it over Stadium.

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    I agree. I also like pleasure spiked with pain.

    And music is my aeroplane
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    I like BSSM much better.

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    I am a red hot chili peppers fanatic. I mean 'the beat the other guy up to get the ticket then line up for 25 hours outside the show ground to make sure I am at the front' fanatic. I have every single CD from the Red Hot Chili Peppers through to Stadium, plus every live album, compilation and B side. All up 442 songs rock my world every day.

    I think OHM is certainly underrated, whilst I do for the most part dislike Navarro's playing the rest of the band is musically in between the funk/rock groove of BSSM and the melodies of Cali. Flea has alot more of the old funk energy and Keidis certainly displays a bit more of that rap. OHM is like an awkward middle child.
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    Same Fuzzy, I love 'em.

    The guitar work for OHM by no means is bad, it's just not RHCP. The music is great, it just takes a different perspective to enjoy. He definitly isnt as funky as Frusciante but Navarro IMO can capture a mood with his music much better.

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