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Thread: Olympic Lifting and function strength help please

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    Olympic Lifting and function strength help please


    I'm starting olympic lifting soon to help me with my martial arts. I'm going to be learning the simple olifts such as the power clean, clean, power snatch and overhead squat. What other exercises should I do to help build functional strength. I was thinking about adding some bodyweight calinstenics and maybe deadlifts or something. For bodyweight exercises I could do stuff like pushups, 1 arm pushups, chins and pullups, hindu squats and other stuff. Would this help build functional strength? Thanks to anyone who can help.

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    it will build strenght, but only to a certain level. if your looking for all over body strenght, look at the wbb routines
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    I think it will build more useable strength than conventional bb routines.

    Look at O'lifter's who can clean and jerk like three times their weight.

    Deadlifts for sure to go with what you outlined.

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