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Thread: 1/2 squats vs full squats, for sports

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    1/2 squats vs full squats, for sports

    I think that 1/2 squats are more beneficial than full squats when training for sports that involve running.

    The running motion is just 1/2 squats over and over again. It does not involve the full squatting motion so why do an exercise that isn't specific to your sport.

    I know full squats work a lot more muscles and your gains will be bigger by doing them but if you are training for a sport that involves running, why not train the muscles specific to that sport?

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    what about injury prevention? I'd like to know more about this as well...

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    Specificity is a matter of training specifically. No motion in the weight room will help you get better at a sport, unless your sport is powerlifting or Olympic lifting.

    That being said, if you want to be a better runner, you have to run.

    Weight training supplements that by developing strength in the relevant muscle groups. Sport-specific or functional training doesn't apply. You have to look at what's best for the muscle group; what's better, a partial ROM or a full ROM? I think anyone with any training experience will tell you that the full ROM is better for any movement.
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    without the full range of motion you wont' get complete muscle development. As such, your 1/2 reps performed when running will be weaker


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