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Thread: How has a training journal benefited you

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    How has a training journal benefited you

    I just went to the health food store today to buy some Flax Oil and I saw a Muscle Mag "No Pain No Gain"journal for sale as well so I bought that too.Could some of you fine members tell me how beneficial you've found keeping a journal

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    Helps me increase my weight every week. I don't always remember what I did so I know that if I did 3000 lbs. last week, I'll go for 3005 lbs. this week. It also just helps me do better overall and if I have a crappy day I'll know what I did to have that day and try to avoid that.

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    It doesn't. I don't use one.
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    precise knowledge of how much weight I've done on a particular exercise, and charting over time.


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