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Thread: Progress Photos

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    Progress Photos

    First pics:
    Second Pics:

    Present Pics: In the attachment

    Ok some stats form the pics:
    First Pics: Weight- 156lbs
    Max approx: Bench Press- 200lbs
    Squat- 300 lbs
    Deadlift- 260 lbs

    Second Pics: Weight- 160lbs
    Max: Bench Press- 209lbs
    Squat- 330 lbs
    Deadlift- 300lbs

    Current Pics: Weight- 167lbs
    Max: Bench Press- 225lbs
    Squat- 350
    Deadlift- 310lbs

    Any advice, criticism etc. appreciated.
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    You are looking awesome. Staying real lean and gaining good size. Keep it up

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