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Thread: Cardio and weightlifting...

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    Cardio and weightlifting...

    Hey guys, first-time poster here. I've been trying to lose weight for the past 7-8 months now and have lost a total of about 55 lbs (went from 230ish to 175, where I'm at now). I'm about 6'2 so I'm a fairly thin guy now (finally! after being chubby almost all my 19 years of life ) but I still want to lose a little more. I mean, I don't really have much left to lose, but I want to lose it. What I'm doing now seems to help, but I want to prevent any kind of stalling or doing something that will be counterproductive.

    Anyway, what I normally do is work upper body on Mondays and Fridays and legs on Wednesdays. It's been working well for me, and I don't really go to failure or really burn the muscles out, but I get a really good pump. I'm usually over my soreness from the Monday workout around Thursday so I don't think I'm overtraining (not like I'm doing HIT). As I said before, what I'm working on right now isn't really cutting, but just losing weight (mainly lovehandles). The Yohimburn I've been using has been helping with that, too

    What I'm really wondering is, though...With the amount of cardio I do, which is normally about 10 minutes of just walking after my weight days, and 30 minutes of incline walking/running, biking, whatever on non-weight days, am I burning off muscle and slowing gains? I DO want to gain mass, but lose fat. What the scale says doesn't mean much to me. I'm just wondering if the cardio is counterproductive to the muscle-building, and if a more "cutting" style program would be better if I want to keep losing now and bulk later? I eat a very good diet (6-7 small meals a day, avoid sugar and other white carbs, protein at every meal, no carbs too late at night, ALWAYS a good breakfast...probably closest to a 50-30-20 split, protein first, fat last).

    Anyway, thanks for any help guys.


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    I think your training is what is counter-productive to muscle growth. Lifting without intensity I feel is pretty much just wasted time. You might as well just spend that time on a treadmill. Lift big and get big. 6-10 reps with the last couple reps being difficult to finish. Try lifting to failure. If you've lost a lot of weight and you don't want to stall you will probably have to cut more calories out as you continue to lose weight as your caloric maintainence levels continue to drop.
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    your cardio doesn't seem to intense, usually you can get away with more intense cardio while still lifting unless you're like a ridiculously powerful pros.
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