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Thread: Body fat % and working out

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    Body fat % and working out

    I've finally read enough here to formilate a question. I did a search, but couldn't find an answer but maybe I didn't do the search right.

    I googled a body fat calculator and did the measurements. To say the least, I wasn't too happy with the result.

    My question is, whats the best way to reduce body fat? Particularly this spare tire thats accumulated around my waist over the years.

    I'm 6'4", weigh 225 and been lifting regularly for a whopping 3 weeks now after not touching a weight plate for 20 years. I'm not in bad shape due to a manual labor job, but not in great shape either.

    Do I follow a strict diet while lifting and is that counterproductive, or just pretty much STFU and lift? (How many calories/day intake?)

    Help an old man out.........thanks!

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    Start with 2500 cals a day. Count your calories and don't just guess at it. You should start losing about 1 lb a week. If you're not, drop 200 cals a day until you are. Look in the diet section under "what a bodybuilder eats" for ideas on the foods you should be eating. Mainly, stick to high protein, high fiber, natural foods, lots of lean meet and vegetables are key.

    Lift heavy and make sure to train your whole body.

    Also, don't trust online calculators. You should get a caliper bf test done by someone who knows how to do it. At 6'4, once you get that fat off, you should really try to put on some lean mass, but one step at a time.

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    A combination of diet and exercise will yield the best results.

    Here is a program that I would follow:
    Monday: Upper Body - Chest / Shoulders / Triceps
    Tuesday: Rest
    Wednesday: Lower Body - Legs
    Thursday: Rest / Cardio / Abs
    Friday: Upper Body - Back & Biceps
    Saturday: Rest
    Sunday: Rest / Cardio

    Basically the overall theme is to train 3 days per week with two upper body days and one lower body day. Along with that you can do cardio on two days and you can do 10 minutes cardio before and after training on your weight training days as a warmup / cooldown if you are interested in adding in some additional work there.

    For your diet I would focus on getting at least 200 grams of protein daily, cutting out simple sugars, and limiting any meals that combine fat and carbohydrates.

    There is a lot of other great information on here regarding diet and training if you check out the bodybuilding & weight lifting forum. Body composition takes a little time but you will see noticable changes within 6-10 weeks.
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    From my experience, I would recommend taking body measurements and using those to track your progress instead of the scale. I've been consistently losing inches around my gut but either maintaining or sometimes even gaining weight. So, for me if I was only relying on the scale I'd probably be going a bit crazy, but seeing the improvements in the body measurements provides great motivation.

    Also, use fitday to track your calories. It's great.

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