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Thread: a question about power cleans

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    a question about power cleans

    i have recently traded up to power cleans from barbell rows. i really enjoy the movement but i do have one query. considering i am using a lot of lower body power to pull the wieght from the floor and then essentially "whipping" the weight onto my my shoulders from my hips...are my lats getting less of a workout than they were when i did barbell rows? i feel as if the power cleans are more of a full body movement and great for explosiveness but will they illicit sufficient lat development? i hope so :P
    20 years old,
    Pre-injury: 5'7", 184 lbs.
    Pre-injury PRs: Bench 225 Squat 360 Dead 320
    Post-injury: 5'7", 178 lbs.
    (Can't wait to smash my pre-injury PRs )

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    Power cleans aren't really for lats (though they do use them a little). Just throw in some pull-ups and you'll be fine.

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    You are cleaning wrong.

    You can add rows for extra stimulation if you want.

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