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    RonnyB's Journal

    Hey guys, i've been lurking in this forum for a few days now, and decided to start posting a journal........ Here's a little backround.

    I'm 23 years old, 5'9" and currently 185 lbs. I haven't seriously trained since Nov of '07 when i suffered a serious break in my right scaphoid (wrist) in a grappling tournament. At the time my numbers were raw,S/B/D, 450/365/495 all unofficial gym records, at a BW of 200-210. My wrist is nearly 100%, just still a lot of annoying pains, before my injury i was training with a top ranked powerlifter who really introduced me to powerlifting ( before then i was just basically training like a bodybuilder) I just started my regimen on the 8th, today marks the 4th day in, heres what my training is gonna look like, input is welcomed.

    Squat days: Mon/Wed/Fri ( sounds like overkill i know)

    I've decided to do the russian squat routine, which requires squatting 3x a week, with slightly less volume per day. Here's what it looks like

    Wk 1, Day 1. 80% x 2 ( 6 sets)
    Day 2. 80% x 3 (6 sets)
    Day 3. 80% x 2 ( 6 sets)

    Wk 2 Day 1 80% x 4 ( 6 sets)
    Day 2 80% x 2 (6 sets)
    Day 3 80% x 5 ( 6 sets)

    So on ect... totaling 6 weeks, with weeks 4-6 upping the percentage gradually. I know I'm selling myself short with my 1RM guesstimate, at 315, i just don't want to kill myself trying to figure it out, so for now it's set at 315, im sure it's going to change as soon as i get warmed up. So here's What i did thus far.

    2/9/09 SQ: 255x2/x2/x2/x2/x2/x2, afterwards i felt unsatisfied ( used to high volume bodybuilding) but i wanted to make sure i followed the program, and after all i WILL be squatting 3x a week ( eek ).

    Bench Days: Thur/ Sat or Sun ( most likely sun for rest)

    I'm going with a modified kenelly routine, here's what it looks like.

    60% of your (1) rep max, 8 sets of 3, each week, go up %5, next week will be 65%, when you eventually reach 70% you will lower it to 6 sets of 3, 80% will be 3 sets of 3, 90% 2 sets of triples. After you complete your work set you do Close grips 2x5 1/2 distance rack lockouts 2x5, then 1/4 distance rack lockouts 2x5. Again i believe i estimated low, at my 1RM for the bench being 250, heres what it looked like.

    2/8/09 BP: 150x3/x3/x3/x3/x3/x3/x3/x3, 245x2 ( i felt like i was just benching the bar so i went off the routine and tested my 1RM).
    Close Grip 150x5/x5, 1/2 Lockouts 225x5/x5, 1/4 Lockouts 225x5/x5.

    Deadlift Day: Tue

    I'm gonna use Ed Coan's 10 week routine, which can be found here Once again i believe i estimated a little light at 315, didn't want to go higher with the DL being an easy workout to injure yourself on, and i haven't done a DL in over a year. He's what my workout looked like

    2/10/09 DL: 255x2, Speed DL's 205x3/x3/x3/x3/x3/x3/x3/x3, Stiff Leg 185x8, Bent over rows 135x8, Arched back good mornings 135x8.

    I'm about to do my squats for the day, so i'm sure i'll be posting the results here in a few hours.
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    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 194 lbs - PR: 220
    Raw Squat: 315 - PR: 405
    Raw Press: 325 - PR: 365
    Raw Dead: 365 - PR: 445

    Total: 1005 (1205) * All gym records.

    My Journal

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